Six Mobile Productivity Apps

, August 10, 2012 A key part of a mobility strategy is supplying efficiency-boosting applications. Here are some top options.
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TripIt by Concur Technologies

TripIt apps for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone organize travel documents and information and generate travel itineraries, confirming plans and reservations. The TripIt mobile app uses a dashboard to notify travelers of the next connection on their lists, including boarding times. Upon landing, TripIt provides the next gate number or alternate flight options. Trips organized on TripIt are private; data sharing is optional. TripIt is TrustE- certified and PCI-compliant, and has passed rigorous security audits by Fortune 500 companies like American Express, according to the company. Concur hosts the app in the cloud at a SAS 70 type II-compliant secure facility.

The basic TripIt app is free, but you'll have to put up with advertising. An ad-free version costs $3.99. The premium service is $49 per year.

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