Six Mobile Productivity Apps

, August 10, 2012 A key part of a mobility strategy is supplying efficiency-boosting applications. Here are some top options.
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Dragon Dictation (iOS) and Dragon Go! (Android) by Nuance

Dragon Dictation converts the spoken word to text on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch (Android users can download Dragon Go!). The text is instantly available to text-based applications, such as email, blogs, Twitter, SMS, to-do lists, reminder software and anything the user can paste text into after copying it to a clipboard.

The Dragon Naturally Speaking-enabled app enhances productivity--and keeps employees in line with local laws--by allowing hands- and eyes-free operation. In addition, dictation is typically faster than typing; five times faster, according to Nuance.

One security caveat: The software processes speech in the cloud, and anyone who downloads the app must allow Nuance to use the speech data collected to improve performance of the app. So, Nuance keeps a copy. On the plus side, the app is free.

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