Six Mobile Productivity Apps

, August 10, 2012 A key part of a mobility strategy is supplying efficiency-boosting applications. Here are some top options.
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iXpenseIt from FYI Mobileware

An expense-account tracker for iOS, iXpenseIt records each expense/transaction on the device enterprise users always carry--a smartphone. IXpenseIt takes photo snapshots of receipts and catalogs them, generating graphical reports users can quickly scan. It supports user-friendly mileage tracking, including user-customized reimbursement rates.

The tool compares monthly budgets to expenses, and the daily spending average to the current day's spend. The app outputs expense summaries and enables the user to easily track recurring expenses, and supports value-added tax and good and services tax calculations. Users can export records as spreadsheets or HTML-based reports. The app can forward reports and data off the device using email or Wi-Fi. Users can transmit records with the digital photo receipt attached, for expedited reimbursement.

The $4.99 app supports world currencies and currency conversion and 12 languages. All data is password-protected.

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