Network Computing's 2012 Geek Gift Guide

, December 16, 2011 Network Computing's staff has put together its list of the top gadgets and apps that will appeal to the hard-core IT geeks on your gift list.
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Movi: Cisco TelePresence On the Go

When people think of Cisco TelePresence, they think of the room-based studios costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, but Cisco has broadened its portfolio to include more sensible and affordable TelePresence options, including Movi, an HD camera that clips onto a laptop and plugs into a USB port. The camera works on the Cisco Callway hosted service, which, for $99 a month, allows mobile workers to join an HD videoconference on the fly. Movi is typically sold to enterprises that distribute multiple units to their road warriors, so it’s not like you can pick up one camera for yourself at Best Buy. Still, it’s a way to make TelePresence more approachable. -- Robert Mullins
Price: $99 per month

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