HTML5 Mobile Development: 7 Good Ideas (and 3 Bad Ones)

, February 13, 2013 HTML5 can be a boon to enterprise mobile app development, but you have to identify the right use cases to make it work. Here are 7 scenarios that make sense for HTML5, and 3 you might want to avoid.
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Use Case #6: You've Got Limited Staff To Tap Back-End Systems

Use HTML5 "when you need to mobile a process or back-end system and simply don't have the native development skills or budget to go native," SAP’s Wargo says. Back-of-the-house enterprise functions need to work, but they don't necessarily need the slick branding and polished image required of consumer apps. This compromise in look and feel lets organizations quickly deliver these functions across the user base without getting bogged down by a lack of internal talent for native app development. This could be huge for the 33 percent of organizations that told InformationWeek Reports they don't develop custom mobile applications due to skills deficiencies.

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