Holiday Gift Guide

, November 21, 2012 It's the time of the season to make a list and check it twice. We've assembled a holiday wish list for work and play, including tools to improve your mobile life, gaming gadgets, and tablet alternatives for those who already have, or don't want, an Apple in their stockings.
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According to a survey from the Consumer Electronics Association on the wishes of consumers for this holiday season, gadgets beat out money, peace and happiness. While Linus would be disappointed with those results, we hope the following gift ideas will inspire you to spread a little peace and happiness.

Wi-Spy DBX Spectrum Analyzer

Company: MetaGeek

Price: $299 (900 MHz), $199 (2.4GHz), $599 (5GHz)

Description: Don't let RF interference cause holiday static. MetaGeek's Wi-Spy DBX spectrum analyzer is a thumb-drive-sized tool the company claims can identify RF interference in 900, 2.4 and 5 GHz bands. However, each band requires a different model, which ramps up the cost pretty fast, so you might want to put this purchase on your corporate wish list.

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