Eight Mobile Apps to Help Road Warriors Boost Productivity, Efficiency

, August 27, 2012 It's a BYOD world out there. Here are eight mobile apps that could make things easier for your road warriors and your enterprise.
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Platforms: iOS, Android, WebOS, Blackberry

Cost: Free

URL: www.expensify.com

No matter their spot on the corporate food chain, anyone who travels for business will tell you that prepping an expense report is a pain. Consider Expensify a bit of a mobile analgesic to ease that particular hurt. The program lets a user scan receipts, track mileage via GPS and prepare reports for corporate approval and direct deposit reimbursement. On the management side, the Expensify platform allows for development of policies, one-click approvals and expense analytics on all Expensify users. The mobile app itself is free, but the service costs $5 per user submitting reports each month.

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