Eight Mobile Apps to Help Road Warriors Boost Productivity, Efficiency

, August 27, 2012 It's a BYOD world out there. Here are eight mobile apps that could make things easier for your road warriors and your enterprise.
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Roambi ES4

Platforms: iOS

Cost: Contact for Pricing

URL: www.roambi.com/enterprise-overview

Business intelligence data is often most needed where it's least likely to be tapped into--on the road. IT organizations that can extend their business intelligence data out to mobile devices are likely to win accolades from road warriors who need up-to-the-minute data visualizations to help them make the right decisions, even if they're nowhere near a workstation. Unlike many proprietary flavors of mobile BI apps, Roambi ES4 syncs into a range of data warehouse and business intelligence platforms through back-end server software for integration and front-end publisher and visualization apps to securely send that data to devices.

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