Eight Mobile Apps to Help Road Warriors Boost Productivity, Efficiency

, August 27, 2012 It's a BYOD world out there. Here are eight mobile apps that could make things easier for your road warriors and your enterprise.
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OmniGraffle for iPad

Platforms: iOS (iPad only)

Cost: $49.99

URL: www.omnigroup.com/products/omnigraffle-ipad

OmniGraffle is like an uber-cocktail napkin for road warriors with big ideas--just so long as they don't actually put their drinks down on the touchscreen. The mobile app gives users the ability to create diagrams, flow charts, concept maps and even free-form drawings to get their big ideas drawn out, no matter where their travels take them. The IT set can get especially good mileage out of this one to help design networks--you can even find stencils for network diagramming for this iPad program at Graffletopia.com.

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