• 04/10/2014
    1:20 PM
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Charge Phones In 30 Seconds: One Startup's Plan

Startup company StoreDot demonstrates a new system for charging phones using organic polymer materials rather than traditional silicon.

An Israeli startup, spun out of Tel Aviv University on the strength of technology originally developed to fight Alzheimer's Disease, claims to be able to fully charge a cellphone in 30 seconds using semiconductors made from short-chain amino acids.

StoreDot demonstrated its prototype, which is the size of a laptop charger, at Microsoft's Think Next technology conference in Tel Aviv April 4 and announced $6 million in venture capital its CEO said would help the company bring a half-size version to market by 2016.

The charger is built using semiconductors made from an organic polymer rather than inorganic silicon-based polymers. The announcement comes at a time when the field of different wireless charging standards seems to be narrowing.

The material is based on artificially created peptides -- amino acids that link end-to-end in a chain that doesn't extend far enough to allow the amino acid to qualify to be a protein.

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A step in the right direction

This is a great concept if they can get the thing down to something smaller than the size of a brick.  The demo I saw made it tough to tell if the charger was integrated into the back of the phone or if that was a specialized battery pack.  Either way with the trend toward thinner devices they need to do a lot of shrinking before this comes to market.  That being said I would love to be able to top off a battery in 30 seconds a couple times a day.

Re: A step in the right direction

I resort to switching my phone to airplane mode when I'm in a bind to quickly charge it (which still takes a while). This would be anyone's must-have accessory if they can trim the size to something practical (with a practical price tag to match).

Re: A step in the right direction

This sounds wonderful, especially if it's light, small, and priced right. Yeah, users are demanding, i know! 

Re: A step in the right direction

That's not a bad plan but people tend to freak out if they can't get through to my cell phone and I'm not in the office.  We've come a long way in terms of smartphone battery life but now that it's more common to have non-removable batteries and external chargers are hard to come by it is time we get some movement on the charging side of the issue.