8 CES Gadgets You Have To See

, January 11, 2013 Sure, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a giant circus, but it always features something revolutionary, or at least oddly interesting. Maybe even useful. Here are eight compelling products that emerged from the show; judge for yourself how useful they might (eventually) be.
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If electric roller skates seem a bit too cute, how about tooling around town in a giant mechanical spider? This 8-legged machine called the MondoSpider was strolling around CES in a back lot (presumably because it would eat fewer people there). The spider was created in 2006 and upgraded in 2010, so it doesn't have any reason to be at CES in 2013--other than it's really cool. MondoSpider was built by a team of artists at a Canadian art organization called the eatART Foundation. It's powered by hydraulics and lithium-polymer batteries, weighs 1,600 pounds and crawl creepily at about 5 miles per hour.

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