10 Ways Apple iOS 7 Targets Businesses

, October 30, 2013 Apple has made great strides to appease not just business users, but also the IT administrators and security managers responsible for protecting and managing the infrastructure that supports mobile device use. The release of iOS 7 had many pundits lauding Apple's leadership for listening to the business contingent and releasing a raft of new management and security features that show progress for making iPhones and iPads more than consumer gadgets.
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AirDrop For Collaboration

Though it is primarily a consumer-focused feature at the moment, designed for easy device-to-device sharing of photos, videos and Web pages, the new AirDrop feature could offer another level of business collaboration for enterprise road warriors. The caveat here could be whether IT will have a degree of control over who uses AirDrop and how they use it. Though no announcements have been made, one possibility could be Apple offering control via its new managed "Open In" feature.

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