10 Free and Low-Cost Mobile Wireless Tools

, March 06, 2013 There's no replacing meaty, licensed tools for wireless network support. But a growing number of free and low-cost apps are available when all you have is a smartphone or tablet at hand. Most of the gems live in the Android space, so you iOS developers need to get to work.
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WiFi Stumbler for Android

App: WiFi Stumbler

Publisher: Meraki

Cost: Free

Meraki's WiFi Stumbler is another Android-only WLAN utility, and it's been around awhile. Its functionality is limited to the 2.4 GHz spectrum, but the app is peppy and well laid out. You can easily e-mail network scans for later analysis. Details include channel, signal strength, and security used per WLAN. This app is due for a refresh to include 5 GHz, but whether Cisco (which recently purchased Meraki) will choose to bother with it remains to be seen.

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