10 Free and Low-Cost Mobile Wireless Tools

, March 06, 2013 There's no replacing meaty, licensed tools for wireless network support. But a growing number of free and low-cost apps are available when all you have is a smartphone or tablet at hand. Most of the gems live in the Android space, so you iOS developers need to get to work.
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WiFiMedic Pro for iOS

App: WiFiMedic Pro

Publisher: AccessAgility

Cost: $0.99

There tends to be no free lunch in the App Store for iDevice users looking for decent wireless tools. However, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can get WiFiMedic Pro. Other than showing the SSID and BSSID (specific access point) your iDevice connects to, WiFiMedic is sparse on actual wireless information. It's more geared towards speed tests and basic performance profiling of your own client. It's not bad, but does leave me wishing for a spectrum view and signal information.

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