Welcome To The New Network Computing

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Find out why Network Computing is the place where IT infrastructure professionals gather to interact, share, and connect with their peers.



Looking good, Susan, Marsha, and Drew. Congratulations on the launch of your new community! 

New site

Hey, the site looks great. Congratulations.

The new site - looking good

The new site looks really nice and the inital blog content is thought provoking. Should be fun to participate in the conversations. 


Kevin Barker 

Re: The new site - looking good

Agree, love the new site!

Re: The new site - looking good

Kevin, thanks! Looking forward to some great discussions -- and maybe even having some fun from time to time :)

Re: The new site - looking good

Congratulations Sue and Marcia! The site looks great--your hard work is paying off!

New website looks good.

New network computing site looks nice. And the idea of buildng a conversation platform sounds interesting. Looking forward to participate and be part of the community.

Re: New website looks good.

kunaldpsubs, thanks so much for your thoughts. We're glad you took the time to comment and hope you continue to participate. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback. Welcome!