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Cloudbursting: Reality or Mirage?
Date: Jun 20, 2014

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Part of the appeal of a hybrid cloud, where IT mixes and matches on- and off-site infrastructure and applications based on the best fit, is that spikes in demand for an in-house service can trigger a burst to public cloud assets. However, such flexibility isn’t easy to achieve.

This interactive webinar will explore in greater detail how to:

  • Identify key usage spikes that could be thrown to the cloud
  • Build a hybrid cloud strategy for both on- and off-site infrastructures
  • Integrate flexibility into the key operations to ensure reliable performance
  • Address concerns from partners that the cloud will make IT obsolete.

Join us for this Network Computing webinar to learn best practices to maximize flexibility.

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How to Break the I/O Bottleneck
Date: Nov 07, 2013

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New chips offer a plethora of features, including new support for atomic transactions, reduced power consumption, dramatically improved memory bandwidth and on-the-die security enhancements. In this webinar, we’ll discuss various input/output (I/O) bottlenecks on servers (DRAM, system bus-to-peripheral/network interfaces) and what next-generation servers are doing in that regard.

Register to learn how to:

  • Improve performance of existing workloads
  • Increase workload density by leveraging improved bandwidth
  • Improve security all the way down to the chip with new features
  • Reduce power consumption while delivering enterprise performance. 

Attend this webinar to explore how to streamline and improve high-density workload performance, save energy and improve your security posture just by buying a new rack of servers. 

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Jeremy Schulman, founder of Schprockits, a network automation startup operating in stealth mode, joins us to explore whether networking professionals all need to learn programming in order to remain employed.
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Research: 2014 State of the Data Center
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