UNH Lab Advances SDN

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The UNH InterOperability Laboratory is working with organizations like OpenDaylight to further industry standards, and with schools to foster a love of science.


SDN testing

The UNH-IOL's work with ONF and other groups to perform interoperability testing on SDN technologies should be helpful to enterprises trying to figure out how to deploy SDN in their environments. It would be interesting to find out more details about the testing and the timeline for releasing results. 

Re: SDN testing
Marcia, I am in complete agreement. I hope to soon have additional data from the UNH-IOL on several technology areas, as well as contributions from more of their researchers.
Re: SDN testing

It's great that UNH-IOL is helping sort through the SDN noise. I say we need a road trip!

Re: SDN testing
Did someone say plugfest? Or I guess technically it's a plugfest without plugs :)
Re: SDN testing

Ha! As a side note, it appears that UNH-IOL is among a very small select group of Open Networking Foundation authorized test labs for OpenFlow conformance. The only other one in the U.S. is the Indiana Center for Network Translational Research and Education.

Re: SDN testing

Yes, the folks at the IOL told me about the InCNTRE and said it's really the only other place like it. On the list of places to see!

Re: SDN testing

UNH is my alma mater!  I should check this out on my next visit/reunion.  :)

Re: SDN testing

You definitely should - very innovative. There's a video here: www.informationweek.com/strategic-cio/executive-insights-and-innovation/...?


Re: SDN testing

Thanks for that link, Lorna!  This is definitely on my to-do list now for my next visit back!