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Hacker Breaks GSM Mobile Phone Code

Hacker Breaks GSM Mobile Phone Code
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TOP STORY: Hacker Breaks GSM Mobile Phone Code
MORE NEWS: Manufacturers Seek Green Monitoring In ERP

WHITEPAPER: BI with Predictive Analytics = Happy Customers
BLOG: 2010 And Cloud Storage
WEBCAST: Vendor Webcast: Email Risks: Why What You Don't Know Can Cost You
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 Wednesday, December 30, 2009 




"Never tell your resolution beforehand, or it's twice as onerous a duty."
-- John Selden 

Hacker Breaks GSM Mobile Phone Code
A German computer scientist has cracked the encryption algorithm that secures 80% of the world's mobile phones, but it's far from a practical attack.

Despite Security Concerns, Social Networks Soar
How Organizations Get Hacked
Encryption Is Cloud Computing Security Savior

Manufacturers Seek Green Monitoring In ERP
Executives want social media and environmental management functionality in their enterprise resource planning software.

Apple Stock Falls Following Record High

Investors are bullish on the products they expect Apple to intro in January, particularly the long-awaited Mac tablet.

MyYearbook Speeds Web Responses
EXtremeDB, McObject's in-memory, object-oriented database, helps MyYearbook meet the high performance demands of the social networking site.

Ford Vehicles To Get iTunes Tagging
The capability will be part of Ford's HD Radio, which also offers digital radio reception and Internet radio over Bluetooth.

Red Hat Revenue Up 18% In 3Q
The company continues to grow its revenue, often at the expense of Unix, in a recessionary economy.

AT&T Resumes NY iPhone Sales
The company may have been trying to prevent fraud when it stopped online iPhone sales to New Yorkers.

Q & A: Army CIO Advances Consolidation Effort
Cloud computing and powerful mobile devices are part of Jeffrey Sorenson's plan to centralize Army IT and make it more consistent for soldiers deploying from bases to the battlefield.

Google AdMob Buy Opposed
Consumer groups said the acquisition would diminish competition in mobile advertising and raise privacy concerns.


Outlook 2010
Don't break out the party hats just yet, but there are signs of optimism among the business technology pros we surveyed.
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Featured Report

Chief Of The Year: Federal CIO Vivek Kundra
Kundra is driving change in the U.S. government's far-reaching IT operations. His priorities include exposing government data sets, cloud computing, IT project management, cybersecurity, and engaging the public over the Web. Here's his plan for executing on those goals and the many challenges ahead.
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BI with Predictive Analytics = Happy Customers
Discover how you can trounce the competition with Predictive Analytics, and make educated decisions that anticipate the future needs of customers. Download Now

Why Going Green Now Makes Sense
A new study asked more than 1,000 IT professionals in midsize businesses why they are adopting Green IT initiatives. See how the results translate into cost savings, business value and environmental benefits. Download Now




Featured Blogger2010 And Cloud Storage
Posted by George Crump
In 2010 cloud storage will continue to grow in use but like my other 2010 entries, next year won't be the year of cloud storage.

Intel Recap: Atom, Nehalem Were 2009 Highlights
Posted By Alexander Wolfe
For processor-architecture voyeurs of the Intel variety, 2009 was most interesting for the emergence of the low end as market segment with legs enough to compete with traditional laptops. (Read: Atom and netbooks.) At the same time, servers got a big kicker with release of the Nehalem line in April.

AT&T Halts Online iPhone Sales In NYC
Posted By Ed Hansberry
AT&T has halted online sales of the iPhone in New York City. You can verify this by going to AT&T's online site and entering a NYC zip code. Sure enough, I entered a Brooklyn zip code and the iPhone was missing. When I changed it to my southern California zip, the iPhone 3GS and 3G showed up in the list. What is going on?

Five Tech Startup Predictions For 2010
Posted By Allen Stern

It's that time of the year again when everyone provides their predictions for the upcoming year. I'd like to take a look at five predictions for 2010 related to tech startups.

The Decade Of Windows 7
Posted By Dave Methvin
As 2010 approaches, Windows 7 seems to be experiencing a successful launch and warm reception from both businesses and consumers. I've just switched over to Windows 7 for my day-to-day desktop, and definitely think it's an improvement over both XP and Vista. That's fortunate, because I suspect we'll all be using Windows 7 for most of the next decade.

Vendor Webcast: Email Risks: Why What You Don't Know Can Cost You
(Sponsored by Google) Please join Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President, Research from Nucleus Research and industry expert on the financial analysis of technology, and Google Security & Compliance Product Marketing Manager, Mark Campbell, to learn about some of the risks and costs of email mismanagement and what to do about it. More Information & Registration


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InformationWeek Analytics is conducting a survey to uncover the role ECM systems play in your organization and whether or not these initiatives will affect your ECM strategy. The results of the survey will appear in an upcoming issue as well as an in-depth report.

The survey takes about 5 minutes and upon completion, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive one Apple 16GB iPod touch valued at $299 from TechWeb.

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