• 02/27/2008
    1:12 AM
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VMware Product Blitz Launched in Europe

Virtualization vendor rolls out the announcement fire hose in the south of France
Disaster recovery, storage, and server-embedded hypervisors were all high on the agenda as VMware kicked off its first-ever European user conference today.

The vendor used the event in Cannes, France, to unveil a gaggle of products and partnerships, stretching from business continuity to de-duplication to virtual desktops.

Following is a quick summary:

Disaster recovery & data center automation

Underlining the current trend of harnessing virtualization for disaster recovery, VMware took the wraps off a set of data center management products this week, including Lifecycle Manager and Site Recovery Manager.

Site Recovery Manager essentially creates a virtual version of physical data center systems. By using virtualization to "match" physical hardware, VMware claims to offer a more efficient and less risky approach to disaster recovery testing, removing the need for users to fiddle with their production systems.

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