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Linux Torvalds; Microsoft Vs. Linux; Who's Got Linux?

This edition: Top 11 Things You Don't Want to Hear From Linus Torvalds; Got Linux?; and Just the Facts, Ma'am.

Got Linux?
Is it true that only cool organizations run Linux? We're not sure, but at the risk of mixing sports, politics and operating systems, we decided to test the adage that people look like their dogs, as applied to Web servers and the professional sports organizations that own them.

  • International Demolition Derby Association, Windows 2000 and Microsoft IIS. Obvious gluttons for punishment.

  • Major League Baseball, Solaris and Netscape Enterprise Server. They go together like Clemens and Piazza.

  • Professional Cricketers' Association, Windows NT/98 and Microsoft IIS. Nobody knows the rules of running IIS on 98, either.

  • Professional Golfers' Association, Linux and Netscape Enterprise Server. No Apache? Someone's in the rough here.

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