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5 Dropbox Alternatives For Cloud Storage

Dropbox isn't the only remote storage game in town. Consider flexibility and security as you check out these alternatives.

Storage: 5 GB Free

Desktop Support: Windows Vista SP2 or later, Mac OSX 10.5 or later

Browser Support: Mobile browser--Web Kit compatible

Mobile Clients: iOS 4.0 or later, Android 2.0 or later offers 5 GB of free cloud storage with a 25-MB file size limit. Storage is accessible by only one user, and access to your data via mobile app also is free. provides paid options for 25 GB and 50 GB at $10 and $20 per month, respectively, with 1-GB file size limits each. offers up to 500 GB of shared storage, the most among the products within this roundup, with a collaborative toolset and workspace for up to three users for $15 per user, per month. Enterprise customers with needs beyond three users are encouraged to call for pricing. The features and functionality offered here are best suited to enterprise customers.'s complete set of collaborative tools, larger shared storage allotments, and associated costs are geared toward businesses with distributed work teams.


re: 5 Dropbox Alternatives For Cloud Storage

I must say that I love SugarSync. Their user-interface is fantastic and they're quite generous with the 5 gb they offer free. I've definitely moved away from DropBox over the past year just because of their server's unreliability as you mentioned.

My favorite service is called JustCloud. Unlimited storage for a reasonable monthly price. I've actually written up a review on it for my site. http://www.top10cloudstorage.c...
Check it out if you've a minute.