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5 Dropbox Alternatives For Cloud Storage

Dropbox isn't the only remote storage game in town. Consider flexibility and security as you check out these alternatives.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Storage: 5 GB Free, or 20 GB free with purchase of an album from the Amazon MP3 store

Desktop Support: Any OS that supports Flash

Browser Support: Any browser with Flash 9 or 10, newest browser versions preferred but not required

Mobile Clients: Android 2 or later, and browser support for Apple devices with iOS 4
Amazon's drive offering is particularly attractive if you're looking for a way to store your music library. They recently added Safari support, so if you're on an iPhone or iPad you can now use the service. If you're already set up with a Cloud Drive account, and have some music in it, just point Safari to the Cloud Player sign in page and you'll see the desktop interface on your iOS device. Sign into your account and you'll see the desktop interface on your iOS device.

On the downside, there's no sync service or automated way to add your non-music files. It's all manual upload and download. This is a fair place to hold your music library, but not useful for much else, given the options available today. Also, being forced to manually upload files via a Web browser gives the product a rushed and unfinished feel. However, it's hard to complain about a free place to store your music. If you're looking for a good place to store and stream your music library and can use some rudimentary non-music file storage as well, then Amazon Cloud Drive may work for you.


re: 5 Dropbox Alternatives For Cloud Storage

I must say that I love SugarSync. Their user-interface is fantastic and they're quite generous with the 5 gb they offer free. I've definitely moved away from DropBox over the past year just because of their server's unreliability as you mentioned.

My favorite service is called JustCloud. Unlimited storage for a reasonable monthly price. I've actually written up a review on it for my site. http://www.top10cloudstorage.c...
Check it out if you've a minute.