• 03/12/2015
    8:00 AM
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10 Hyperconvergence Trendsetters

Converged infrastructure is so last year; hyperconvergence is all the rage now. Here are 10 vendors that are leading the hyperconverged trend.


fast-growing market

The rapid rise of hyperconverged systems is pretty amazing. What do community members think of the trend? 

Re: fast-growing market

Storage and performance seems like a problem here, we need to upgrade them paralley no matter if one of them is running fine, i.e. in case we are running low on storage but not compute, we still need to upgrade overall compute capability by adding another appliance.

Re: fast-growing market


But is'nt that a Bad thing?

Why should anyone Upgrade their Storage if its only an issue of them needing more Computing Power and Viz?

I would personally prefer a solution which lets me upgrade/update things in more Modular Fashion on an As needed basis.

Especially since we are living in "Extremely" Penny-Pinching Times this way of doing things seems most appropriate here to me personally.


Re: fast-growing market

@Marcia...Since hyperconverged infrastructure systems are easier to deploy compared to a large, full virtual server solution; and they are also easier to manage, this kind of trend might be good. I can't say 100% good as we have yet to see its effects as a whole, but it is definitely something that many can benefit from, especially small and medium-scale businesses. We have yet to find proof that it hyperconverged systems cost lesser than the virtual server solution many are now used to; but in the long run, it can be a good investment. I guess we'll just have to wait for awhile to see the results.

Re: fast-growing market

I agree Sherly, it's still early days for hyperconverged infrastructure, so it's going to take a while to see how it pans out in the enterprise.

Nutanix is easily the leader in this space but what's Sales R...


Going through the Slides It struck me quite clearly that Nutanix is easily the The Leader in this Exciting Space.

But was left wondering what Exactly IS A Sales Run rate?

Why do these Companies have to use such new fangled Terms To make them sound more attractive to markets and VCs??

Why can't they simply say What exactly was their Revenue last year?

Its understandable that they won't be profitable(because they are growing so fast and need all the cash to expand) today but why can't they give us things clearly in Black and White?

Is that too much to ask for?



Some more observations from the Slides.



There is no doubt in my mind that the Vmware system is NOT going to see much Sales Traction amongst SMBs(no matter how much they want/need Hyperconvergence today);its just too expensive.
No two words about that.

I really feel Atlantis Computing is a Vendor to watch out for ,especially since by using Existing Infrastructure they will easily keep costs down for most End-Users.

The Stratoscale Idea is the most exciting approach;especially their Hardware Agnostic Nature.

The KVM(Kernel Based Virtual Machine) Hypervizor seems to be gaining a lot of appreciation,traction and fans here(which is a good-good thing).Look at all the Big companies who are rallying behind the project today-IBM,Red Hat,Ubuntu and you realize there is massive potential here as well .

Microsoft and Vmware better start worrying.




hyperconverged openstack evaluation

Hyperconverged openstack infrastructure is the future to construct virtual lab. how to integrate the components of openstack using hyperconverged system and which tool is used to evaluate the performance that infrastructure. I am beginner need easy one to measure the scalability, robustness flexibility, agility , manageability and secirity of proposed infrastructure. any one have idea plz reply

Re: hyperconverged openstack evaluation

Hi, not sure if this helps, but here are a couple links about OpenStack on hyperconverged architecture: