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The Shrinking Storage Array
Jim O'Reilly, ConsultantCommentary
In the storage array market, smaller is better, as huge, expensive equipment has been replaced with compact, cheaper models.
By Jim O'Reilly Consultant,
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Storage Intelligence Moves Up The Stack
Frank Denneman, Technology Evangelist, PernixDataCommentary
New products for virtual data centers move storage intelligence closer to the application for increased performance.
By Frank Denneman Technology Evangelist, PernixData,
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Storage Free-For-All
Jim O'Reilly, ConsultantCommentary
New technologies and suppliers are threatening the status quo in storage. Who will be your storage vendor in 2016?
By Jim O'Reilly Consultant,
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Data Reduction Technologies: The Basics
Vaughn Stewart, Chief Technical Evangelist, Pure StorageCommentary
Data deduplication, data compression, and thin provisioning can help organizations tackle massive data growth. Here's an overview of how they work.
By Vaughn Stewart Chief Technical Evangelist, Pure Storage,
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Keeping Tabs On Storage Industry M&A
Howard Marks, Network Computing BloggerCommentary
Mergers and acquisitions have been commonplace in the storage industry. Today, the storage M&A race has slowed a bit, but everyone wants to know what Cisco's next move will be.
By Howard Marks Network Computing Blogger,
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Backup Appliances & The Cloud
Jim O'Reilly, ConsultantCommentary
While cloud computing may seem to solve the backup problem, the answer isn't that easy. Today's backup appliances strive for a more nuanced approach.
By Jim O'Reilly Consultant,
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SAS Grows In The Data Center
SCSI Trade Association , (STA)Commentary
More enterprises choose Serial Attached SCSI for storage in the data center due to improved reliability, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and continued enhancements.
By Rick Kutcipal, STA Board Member, Avago Technologies ,
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Hyper-Convergence And All Flash On The Way
Howard Marks, Network Computing BloggerCommentary
Will a combination of the two shiniest technologies in the storage business make a match like champagne and caviar, or will it create a system looking more like a chocolate-covered pickle?
By Howard Marks Network Computing Blogger,
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Ethernet Disk Drives: Will They Catch On?
Jim O'Reilly, ConsultantCommentary
Seagate and HGST have designed Ethernet drives, but can these products change the storage status quo?
By Jim O'Reilly Consultant,
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The Rise Of White-Box Storage
Jim O'Reilly, ConsultantCommentary
Low-cost, generic storage based on original design manufacturer boxes is gaining ground in the storage industry.
By Jim O'Reilly Consultant,
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Cloud Storage: How To Pick A Provider
Crystal Bedell, freelance writer
When it comes to enterprise cloud storage, there's no shortage of providers. Here's what you need to consider in order to make the right choice.
By Crystal Bedell ,
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Cloud Storage Security: AWS Vs. Azure
Anna Andreeva, security quality assurance engineer, A1QACommentary
Security remains the biggest concern facing cloud storage adoption. Here we look at the security details of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, two cloud storage heavyweights.
By Anna Andreeva security quality assurance engineer, A1QA,
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VMware Launches Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Appliance
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network ComputingNews
Virtualization giant teams with hardware partners on EVO: RAIL, an integrated device targeting virtual desktop infrastructure, branch offices, and virtual private clouds.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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Aspiring To Smarter Storage
Howard Marks, Network Computing BloggerCommentary
Startup DataGravity has developed a unified storage system that provides data-aware services such as full text indexing and file system auditing.
By Howard Marks Network Computing Blogger,
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Flash Is Overkill For VDI
Michael Letschin, Director of Product Management, Nexenta SystemsCommentary
All flash makes fast storage, but at a high cost. Listen to your users, and provide a hybrid array combined with software for a better VDI experience.
By Michael Letschin Director of Product Management, Nexenta Systems,
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What's Next For Flash?
Jim O'Reilly, ConsultantCommentary
Today's 2D flash is near its limit. The industry is evolving to 3D flash and developing storage technologies that promise to be faster and denser.
By Jim O'Reilly Consultant,
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Will Phase Change Memory Upstage Flash?
Jim O'Reilly, ConsultantCommentary
HGST is touting a solid-state drive with a record 3 million IOPS using PCM. The technology looks to be a game changer, but it faces several challenges.
By Jim O'Reilly Consultant,
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The 'So What' Of The Software-Defined Data Center
Ziv Kedem, CEO, ZertoCommentary
The acceptance of the SDDC means that enterprises are abstracting additional data center functions, such as networking and disaster recovery, from hardware.
By Ziv Kedem CEO, Zerto,
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10 Networking Blogs You Must Follow
Marcia Savage, Managing Editor, Network Computing
So many network technology blogs, so little time. Get started with this list of blogs by networking experts and top Interop speakers.
By Marcia Savage Managing Editor, Network Computing,
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