Storage Industry Blues

Jim O'Reilly Commentary

Linux Foundation Launches IO Services Framework

Marcia Savage News

5 Things Storage Vendors Won't Tell You

Boyan Ivanov Slideshow
  • No doubt you are spending big bucks on enterprise storage, and the vendors want to keep it that way.
    By Boyan Ivanov , 2/11/2016

7 Ways IoT Will Impact Your Data Center

Andrew Froehlich Slideshow

Overcoming Cloud Storage Challenges

Chris M Evans Commentary
  • Enterprises can run into problems like latency when using cloud storage for more than backup.  
    By Chris M Evans , 2/09/2016

Storage Spending On The Rise

Marcia Savage News

The End Of The High-End Storage Array Era

Howard Marks Commentary
  • With the rise of all-flash arrays and object storage, big and fast no longer go together for enterprise...
    By Howard Marks , 2/04/2016

10 Best Sites For Free Online IT Classes

Cynthia Harvey Slideshow

Software-Defined Storage: The 2016 Outlook

Jim O'Reilly Commentary

Storage Trends To Watch In 2016

Boyan Ivanov Slideshow

Buying Storage: Tread Carefully

Howard Marks Commentary

The Future Of Data Storage: Flash And Hybrid Cloud

Andy Walls, CTO and Chief Architect for Flash Systems, IBM Commentary

10 Hot Technology Trends For 2016

Cynthia Harvey Slideshow

3D NAND: The Hard Disk Drive Killer

Chris M Evans Commentary

The Sinking Fibre Channel SAN

Jim O'Reilly Commentary
  • The rise of Ethernet and the decline of RAID arrays are killing off the Fibre Channel SAN market.
    By Jim O'Reilly , 1/04/2016

Storage Evolution Produces Countless Options

Chris M Evans Commentary
  • The storage industry has moved away from standard choices to an array of technologies that address specific...
    By Chris M Evans , 12/22/2015

NetApp Snaps Up Flash Startup SolidFire

Marcia Savage News

Build The Infrastructure For Big Data's 3 Stages

Lenny Liebmann Slideshow

The Big Enterprise Storage Lie

Jeramiah Dooley Commentary

What's Wrong With Object Storage?

Jim O'Reilly Commentary
  • Object storage offers tremendous scalability and flexibility, but performance and other issues have stymied...
    By Jim O'Reilly , 12/15/2015