The State of Server Technology: 2010 to 2012

, August 06, 2012 As more companies turn to virtualization and private clouds, they're also taking a look at the server technology in their data centers. This is leading to a boost for the server market. Find out why in this look at the state of server technology, from 2010 to 2012.
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Use of Server Form Factors in the Data Center

The most recent "State of Server Technology" report found that data centers are still dominated by 2U (81%) and 1U (78%) platforms--those numbers are just slight drops from the 2010 numbers of 83% and 78%, respectively.

The only increases were found in the use of 8U boxes, which was cited by 37% of respondents in 2010 and 38% in 2011, and mini-towers, which had exactly the same numbers. Modular and micro platforms, which came in at 20%, weren't tallied in 2010.

"Despite all the vendor hype around the efficiency of blade servers and their suitability for converged, virtualized I/O fabrics, blade use hasn't grown among our respondents as we would have expected," wrote author Kurt Marko in the most recent report. He cited fears of vendor and platform lock-in as a potential factor in the lack of growth.

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