9 Technologies Security Researchers Will Break At Black Hat

, July 29, 2013 This week's Black Hat USA Conference in Las Vegas will showcase hacks, tools and ideas that will once again challenge the way we think about IT security. Here are nine technologies that will be on the firing line as security researchers discuss and demonstrate vulnerabilities and exploits.
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Mobile Networks

Photo Source: Sprint

As mobile providers have looked to expand their service into the dead zones of their cellular networks, they've increasingly relied on femtocells, low-power base stations that essentially connect through the user's home Internet connection to hook into the provider's network. According to three researchers from iSec Partners, it's possible to hack these Linux-based boxes in order to silently observe and listen to all of the traffic coming in and out of a femtocell, without users ever knowing they connected to it or that someone else is eavesdropping.

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