9 Technologies Security Researchers Will Break At Black Hat

, July 29, 2013 This week's Black Hat USA Conference in Las Vegas will showcase hacks, tools and ideas that will once again challenge the way we think about IT security. Here are nine technologies that will be on the firing line as security researchers discuss and demonstrate vulnerabilities and exploits.
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Mobile Devices

Photo Source: Apple

At Black Hat, researchers will present a smorgasbord of new research on how to manipulate mobile devices to do things that their manufacturers never intended. Among the most dramatic findings will be from three researchers with the Georgia Institute of Technology who will show how it is possible to inject malware into iOS devices using maliciously tampered chargers, taking advantage in USB security weaknesses. Android devices won't be left unscathed. Researcher Kevin McNamee from Kindsight Security Labs will demonstrate a new Android SpyPhone software tool that could be maliciously injected into any application on an Android device. The tool would make it possible for remote attackers to track the phone's location, intercept calls, texts and emails, and activate the camera and microphone without detection.

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