8 Mobile Tools For Security Pros

, August 15, 2013 The influx of employee-owned mobile devices into the workplace has certainly thrown many IT security professionals for a loop, but the same devices that are introducing so much chaos to established security practices also have a lot of potential to be used to bring back some order. The following mobile security tools are a good start for security admins looking for utilities to help them get their job done more efficiently.
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App: SAP GRC Policy Survey

Publisher:SAP AG

Platform: iPad/BlackBerryPlayBook/Windows Tablet

Cost: Free

Risk managers already using SAP BusinessObjects governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software can tap into their systems to push out enterprise compliance policy assignments no matter where their employees are. When placed on employee devices, SAP GRC Policy Surveygives users the ability to receive, complete and submit GRC policy surveys, quizzes and acknowledgements.

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