HTML5 Mobile Development: 7 Good Ideas (and 3 Bad Ones)

, February 13, 2013 HTML5 can be a boon to enterprise mobile app development, but you have to identify the right use cases to make it work. Here are 7 scenarios that make sense for HTML5, and 3 you might want to avoid.
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Use Case #7: VIP Users Run Unpopular Platforms

"The mobile web application can continue to accommodate mobile users who are on a mobile device platform that doesn't have a large enough audience to support development of a native application," Wargo says. Mobile Web apps can be a big plus when an organization's user device predilections are about as fragmented as those in the market at large. For instance, if a vice president happens to love his or her BlackBerry Playbook (pictured above), and wants access to corporate apps, then HTML5 may be the best option.

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