8 CES Gadgets You Have To See

, January 11, 2013 Sure, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a giant circus, but it always features something revolutionary, or at least oddly interesting. Maybe even useful. Here are eight compelling products that emerged from the show; judge for yourself how useful they might (eventually) be.
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Smart Home

Now that we've revolutionized personal mobile devices, the home may be the next frontier for gadgets. For instance, Lowes introduced a hub designed to centralize all those digital environmental controls already packed into your house. Netgear introduced a range of security-monitoring, night-vision and media-streaming boxes. IBM, with its eye on the big picture, introduced a service designed to connect your refrigerator, media system and anything else through an Internet-connected TV to its SmartCloud, so you can keep track of who's watching pay-per-view on your TV while you're at work paying for it. The SmartCloud connectivity expands on IBM's SmartHome project, to which it just signed embedded-systems and smart-device makers STMicroelectronics and start-up Shaspa Research.

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