10 Mobile Business Apps Target Analytics, Productivity and More

, November 07, 2012 The mobility game isn't just for consumer apps anymore. We share mobile business apps from 10 startups that can help drive sales, leverage analytics and streamline team communication.
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COMPANY: SimpleCrew

MISSION: To help grass-roots marketing, issue-oriented canvassing, fundraising or any other street-level team better coordinate their efforts.

PRODUCT: SimpleCrew

Available at different levels, the pricing is keyed to the number of members on the crew as well as the amount of cloud storage allocated to the account. The core product makes it easy to take photos and share them with other mobile users. Pricing runs from $20 to $180 per month.

The product was born out of early grass-roots marketing campaigns in which the SimpleCrew founding members were stymied by the difficulty of collaborating, sharing photos and keeping one another accountable while in the field. The app offers stylish interface speeds and organizes the process of uploading photos and sharing intelligence on the ground.

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