• 06/30/2014
    4:00 PM
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The Next Variety Of BYO

Starting to think about the fall budgeting cycle already? As the number of devices, amount of data, and technical complexity continues on its ever-increasing path, cartoonist John Klossner suggests one potential way to save a few dollars...

Figure 1:


desperate move

Somehow I don't think that would go over as well as BYOD!

Re: desperate move

Pay them in equity?  ;)


The acronym apparently already has a lot of meanings... bring your own food, bring your own friends... the list goes on.

Re: BYOF - The other BYOD

Bring your own dongle


Indeed, Marcia... Urban Dictionary has a whole slew of entertaining (and not family-appropriate, for that matter) BYO[x] abbreviations.

The one I'd like to propose, misanthrope that I am, is this alternative for BYOD: Bring Your Own Dime (to call someone who cares).

But then that's rather outdated.  When's the last time you saw an honest-to-god payphone in real life?


Joe- Your reference to a pay phone is ironic because in many places they are either being removed or be used to house Wireless Access Points.  The housing is durable and it is already there.  Funny how things have changed so much so fast.  And the rate of change is accelerating and hard to keep up with.  Just consider those who do not have access to the internet, and they do exists.  Think how dramatically that will affect their ability to keep up and be competitive in our so called modern workforce?


Aren't CFO's just great ?


@ Technocrati - Yes the CFO is wonder.  Technical decisions made on cost not functionality?  And in technology deployments that can be a challenge.

Re: The Next Variety of BYOD
So true! These days, the "budget is tight" is the most common phrase.