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Tony Kontzer
Tony Kontzer
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Tony Kontzer may have spent the past 11 years of his life writing about business and technology, but there's so much more to his complex existence. He's the soon-to-be-divorced father of a precocious 8-year-old boy who's way smarter than his dad. He's an out-of-practice jazz saxophonist who's in a constant state of guilt over the horn gathering dust in the corner of his office. He's a budding comic who's been studying and performing improv for the past year, all the while psyching himself up for an inevitable stab at stand-up comedy. Oh, and he likes to eat a good ribeye as often as his doctor will allow.

But let's remember what pays the bills: For more than 5 years, Tony has been covering a variety of technologies and industries for InformationWeek, with the past 2 years spent focused largely on the travel vertical and the software category known formally as customer relationship management (but referred to in many IT circles as \"the stuff we spent millions on but have no idea how to make work\"). Most recently, he's been able to combine elements of all of these interests into increasingly frequent reports for The News Show, CMP's daily online video news show. Now if only he could learn how to bluff effectively while playing hold 'em with his editors, then life would REALLY be good.