Holiday Gift Guide

, November 21, 2012 It's the time of the season to make a list and check it twice. We've assembled a holiday wish list for work and play, including tools to improve your mobile life, gaming gadgets, and tablet alternatives for those who already have, or don't want, an Apple in their stockings.
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Moga Mobile Gaming System

Company: Power A

Price: $49.99

Description: For dedicated gamers, a fast smartphone is a mixed blessing. It can run fairly high-res games fast enough to be fun without tying them down to a console. On the other hand, smartphone controls are awkward. Clip your Android device into a Moga Mobile Gaming System game controller, however, and you have what feels like a console game controller with a built-in computer. Bluetooth lets the controller talk to the phone, it works with any Android OS, version 2.3 or later. The controller includes two analog sticks, shoulder triggers and four action buttons. Games have to be specially ported, which limits options to about 40 games, but that number is climbing, according to PowerA.

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