Holiday Gift Guide

, November 21, 2012 It's the time of the season to make a list and check it twice. We've assembled a holiday wish list for work and play, including tools to improve your mobile life, gaming gadgets, and tablet alternatives for those who already have, or don't want, an Apple in their stockings.
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Company: Eurocom

Price: $5,200

Description: Don't let holiday travels deprive you of high-powered gaming. The 17-inch Eurocom Scorpius is one of the fastest gaming laptops around. Powered by the most recent Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition CPU, dual Nvidia GeForce GPUs, up to 32GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD and up to three hard drives, it would take more than a few zombies to slow it down. It might also have some work use for designers, engineers and data crunchers. At12.9 pounds it's heftier than a tablet, and its $5,000-plus price tag means you'll have to have been very good this year to earn it.

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