Holiday Gift Guide

, November 21, 2012 It's the time of the season to make a list and check it twice. We've assembled a holiday wish list for work and play, including tools to improve your mobile life, gaming gadgets, and tablet alternatives for those who already have, or don't want, an Apple in their stockings.
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Nexus 7

Company: Google

Price: $199 (16GB, WiFI) $249 (32GB, WiFi) $299 (32GB, WiFi, HSPA+, AT&T)

Description: You'd probably want the 32GB version ($249) rather than the basic unit, but the middle of Google's three sizes of Nexus matches up nicely with Apple's own competitor in the 7-inch weight class. With the latest version of Android, a quad-core Nvidia processor, WiFi, Bluetooth and a front-facing camera for video chat, the Nexus has higher resolution than the iPad Mini, comparable performance and a lower price. The unavoidable connections to Google's Play and other online businesses may be too close for some, however.

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