• 12/24/2015
    7:30 AM
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Wireshark 2.0 Welcome Screen: An Introduction

In this video, Tony Fortunato demonstrates the new welcome screen in the updated version of the network analysis tool.

As with all applications, network troubleshooting and analysis tools evolve, improve, and basically change from version to version. It doesn’t matter if your troubleshooting software changes to keep up with new technology or to improve general overall performance; you should be aware of these changes before you use the tool in the field. 

I’ve been using Wireshark since 2000 and am the first to admit, I don’t like too much change all at once, but then again this is the nature of our field. So I took the plunge by downloading Wireshark version 2.0, and put together a series of short videos introducing network analysts to the new interface.

In this video, I cover the tool's new welcome screen, explain where some of the old features went and show some of the new features. 

If you’ve used Wireshark, you might be thrown off when certain buttons are not where they used to be.  And if you are new to Wireshark, the videos should make your learning curve shorter.

One of the big reasons to move to Wireshark 2.0 is because it has switched its user interface library from GTK+ to Qt. GTK+ had a huge impact on the look and feel of Wireshark, but doesn’t cover all supported operating systems as Qt does.


How big a change is this New Version of Wireshark?


Thank you so much for sharing this Video with the Community here at NC!

What is the underlying rationale behind changing from GTK+ to Qt?

Given how comfortable most existing users had gotten around GTK+ with the look and feel and feature-set making such a big change here does'nt come without its underlying pitfalls.

It seems Qt will support more OSes but does not under-cut performance or Serviceability in a big way?




Re: How big a change is this New Version of Wireshark?
From what I heard it is supposedto have better overall performance. I have noticed that it does seem quicker when using the menu but will know better as I use it more
Re: How big a change is this New Version of Wireshark?

Thanks Tony for the intro to the new Wireshark interface.  It was really helpful.

Re: How big a change is this New Version of Wireshark?

thanks for the note