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Alison Diana
Alison Diana
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Top 10 Security Stories Of 2010

As smartphones and tablets complement and battle with notebooks and PCs as routes to the connected world, as corporate users and consumers turn to both traditional Web sites and newer social networking sites to communicate, share ideas, trade business concepts, and shop, corporate IT professionals and the government organizations overseeing the nation's cybersecurity are all-too aware they must do more. And they must do it fast. Recognizing this, the federal government hopes to create a new wave
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Today's cyber attacks are not a macho game or virtual vandalism. Be it malware or targeted, an attack these days generally has the pursuit of money -- and the power, luxuries, and trappings it provides -- at its core. Attacks such as Aurora, which began in 2009 but dominated the news in early 2010, pursued intellectual property. Other malware attacks seek money, proprietary information such as credit cards and, in the United States, social security numbers, and confidential corporate information and trade secrets. For many hackers, creating havoc-inducing code is a big-number business. Websites listing the results of their ill-gotten gains flourish, and governments have a challenge tracking down these criminals who frequently operate offshore using technologies that make them difficult to pin-down.


Malware Winning Battle Against Antivirus Software

Twitter Worm Spreading Through Google Link

Researchers Remotely Defeat IE Protected Mode

Alureon Malware Bites Windows 7

Facebook Christmas Tree Virus Hoax Spreading

Bredolab Botnet Still Spewing Malware

Java Trojan Bungles Mac Attack

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