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Microsoft's Windows XP SP2: Page 3 of 5

•TCP/IP There are several changes to TCP/IP that stop known attacks involving raw sockets and unterminated connections. Known routes that hackers use to disrupt systems through compromised systems have been eliminated--these generally are not used by valid apps, so you should see no difference based on the TCP changes. If you have an app that opens random ports or attempts to access random machines on the network, look for alternatives.

• RPC Microsoft introduced a new registry key that lets application developers stop remote clients from opening RPC connections to your machine. But it does nothing without the support of vendors implementing RPC (remote procedure call) interfaces. Note that most vendors handle RPC rights without this new key, so it's unclear how much added security this key offers.


• Enhances XP security
• Supports Bluetooth
• Comprehensive wireless networking support
• Firewall protection


• Documented app problems
• Scattered reports of BSOD after installation
• Limited third-party firewall support