• 06/29/2012
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How To Improve Network Security

BYOD policies, mobile devices, IT compliance, Wi-Fi access, and other demands are all affecting network security. Experts offer five network design tips to help increase IT functionality and improve security.
When it comes to investing in network security, there are three types of IT philosophies.

"There are the ones that value technology and see it as a strategic advantage in their environment, and they'll invest heavily in it. There are the ones that know they need it and they're willing to invest where they need to," says Rick Norberg, president of Atrion Networking SMB, an IT service provider. "And then there are the ones that just see it as the cost of doing business. And those are the ones that tend to be unprotected, unmanaged, and dedicate inadequate staff resources in order to plan through security."

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re: How To Improve Network Security

Network security is one of my favorite subjects to read about, there are so many different opinions and areas to cover when discussing the subject. I have noticed a consistency throughout my readings; a good network is able to control and monitor all traffic. Great point about managing the firewalls with more detail. Firewalls are commonly put on networks and users think that they are safe enough run on their networks without any customization or realizing exactly what it is that their firewall is capable of or provides to them. Patching is huge also, a lot of time is watched on network patch because of incorrect co figurations. It is a pain when you have to install update or service packs to a large number of users, and it must be done manually and individually. There is way more effective ways to achieve the same results using patches. Good reading!

Paul Sprague
InformationWeek Contributor