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Amazon Fire TV Bids For Your Living Room

Amazon's new Fire TV device and software aims to provide gaming and streaming content to your living room television.

At a special event Wednesday, Amazon finally revealed the small black box it's been working on to slot underneath your living room television: The $99 Amazon Fire TV, which is available now.

With Fire TV, the company says that it was looking to solve numerous problems with similar devices, including search and performance issues, coupled with closed ecosystems. "How do we make the complexity disappear?" the company asked, and Fire TV is apparently the answer.

According to Amazon, the Fire TV comes with a quad-core processor and a dedicated GPU, the sort that you'd usually find in smartphones. It has 2GB of RAM, dual-band Wi-fi, and it's roughly .7-inch thin -- shorter than a dime, as demonstrated during its unveiling. It also comes with a remote control that can be controlled with your voice via a microphone.

The Fire TV is capable of streaming content at resolutions of up to 1080p and supports HDMI and optical audio-out, so it should support up to 7.1 Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. Fire TV is based on Android and HTML, and Amazon says that a "huge selection" of apps and games are already on the way for the device.

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Amazon fire

sounds like it packs a lot into a thin space.

Re: Amazon fire

Some time after I left that comment, I went on Amazon and found a whole press release about Amazon Fire there. It links to a quirky video ad on this page

Re: Amazon fire

It seems that Amazon is trying to extend its visibility to home entertainment. Is Amazon Fire TV providing the similar functionality as an IP set-top box? The hardware configuration looks cool but will it become a killer device in this area? I am not able to comment much on this without hands on it.:-)

Re: Amazon fire

Anyone who wants to enter the home video system are facing the sams quesion first: the content. It seems that they are all strugling to beat others not try to be compitable with each other. The customer has been forced to upgrade their system.I has enough content from my pc. So instead of buying a new Amazon fire TV I choose to add a wireless HDMI HD transmitting kit to my own network of audio and video. No software or other effort needed just plug and play.  This effortless way is want I recommand for any company.


What does Amazon hardware bring to the equation that you can't get through the Amazon service you can access through TiVo?