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9 Facebook Timeline Changes Businesses Want

With Facebook Timeline changes rumored to be on horizon, business, social and tech managers give Facebook some advice.

5. Editing Capabilities.

"Grammarly suggests that Facebook enable businesses to edit status updates on their Timeline, and not just photo captions; create a Timeline search function to find posts easily on a business' Facebook page (for example, a lot of content disappears and people visiting the page never see it); and create a search function that allows business pages to add keywords to posts, and to feature keywords for followers to check out."

--Allison VanNest, director of communications, Grammarly

6. Targeted Promoted Posts.

"My biggest wish is that they would allow promoted posts to be targeted at a market and not just fans, friends and family."

--Ed Devereaux, Sabot Images

7. Slide Show.

"[Facebook should] allow the cover image to become a slide show. It is the most important real estate, so use it more effectively. Also, make the page-down images appear faster. If it takes time for someone to do it, they won't in our busy society."

--Michael W. Byrnes, Jr., president, Byrnes Consulting, LLC

8. Business Chat.

Here's my wish list on Facebook in general (and Timeline): Facebook business chat, a page where you can put your employees in touch with your customer; a dashboard that populates news about your business; make the thumbnail that show up on linked URLs customizable in both choice and size; and import messages to Timeline. We get great compliments from our fans via messages all the time, and it'd be great to showcase them for social proof of how great a brand we are (provided they agree to be showcased).

--Victor Pan, WordStream SEO & SoMe Expert

9. Messaging Capabilities.

"Bring back the feature where you can message the people who like your page when you create an event to let them know about it and invite them personally to it -- using the brand name, not the brand manager's name/personal FB account."

--Stacey Acevero, Social Media Manager, Vocus/PRWeb

What Timeline changes would you like to see? Or, for that matter, what would you change about Facebook in general? Please let us know in the comments section below. Follow Deb Donston-Miller on Twitter at @debdonston.

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re: 9 Facebook Timeline Changes Businesses Want

Heather, you can like a post as yourself. You have to make sure you're posting as yourself, not as the page Admin.

re: 9 Facebook Timeline Changes Businesses Want

Thank you for your comment, Dianna. Is there a way to easily toggle back and forth?

Deb Donston-Miller
Contributing Editor, The BrainYard

re: 9 Facebook Timeline Changes Businesses Want

Customization would make Timeline even more useful and interesting for brands. While Facebook will understandably want uniformity, customization options would be great for brands that want to stand out.

re: 9 Facebook Timeline Changes Businesses Want

Thanks for the comment. It's kind of mind-boggling that they don't offer more focused offerings for brands, or that brands seem to be as in the dark about upcoming changes as any individual is.

Deb Donston-Miller
Contributing Editor, The BrainYard

re: 9 Facebook Timeline Changes Businesses Want

I would love to see a single-column format for posts. I always wondered why the timeline feature created two columns. It is very hard to keep up with chronological posts and updates and even harder to find others' posts under the current format.

re: 9 Facebook Timeline Changes Businesses Want

I totally agree, Cara. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.

Deb Donston-Miller
Contributing Editor, The BrainYard