• 01/25/2013
    2:13 PM
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9 Bandwidth Hogs: Reality Vs. Myth

Which user activities are actually eating up your bandwidth and clogging the network, and which can you ignore?


re: 9 Bandwidth Hogs: Reality Vs. Myth

Now wait a minute. Video conferencing is only part reality but VOIP is fully reality, sounds a little out of whack to me folks. In addition you listed like 9 potential bandwidth hogs and only 1 or 2 of them you listed as myths so why even bother with the whole myth vs. reality nonsense in you title and just use, watch out for these 7 bandwidth hogs. Of course none of your 7 were any news to anyone so maybe that is why the "myth Vs. reality" teaser.

What a waste of my time, and my companyGs bandwidth. Oh BTW the you should have included stupid slide show news articles that have to load the ads 11 times as a reality hog in your list.

re: 9 Bandwidth Hogs: Reality Vs. Myth

Information Week only had one important New Year's Resolution this year. '"No Slide Show Articles with out a prominent 'View-as-one-page' link." How's that working out for you so far?

re: 9 Bandwidth Hogs: Reality Vs. Myth

The article is Network hogs not Internet hogs. Most SMBs have fractional T1, ADSL, MPLS, frame relay, etc. (Asynch DSL: upload speed lags download) or Cable (quoted in "burst" download speed; upload speed lags download). POTS Voice is 8KB/s and example Windows Live Meeting 350 kbps for video (50 kbps min). Most routers now have QOS options. (We throttle user Internet access to match Modem throughput.) NETWORK disruptors are encryption (e.g. VPN slows server) and (multifunction) printers.