• 09/14/2015
    8:00 AM
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5 Ways Life Would Stink Without IT Professionals

What would happen if we suddenly had to live without the help of IT pros? The results could be scary.


IT Pro Day

IT pros are definitely the unsung heroes of modern business, typically only getting attention when something isn't working. The video for IT Professionals Day is very clever!

Re: IT Pro Day

@Marcia agreed. It is extremely difficult to imagine a productive work day without the network. And, it is important to have an IT Professionals Day the moment one realizes that the phrase "booting your server" can also be used in a restaurant environment. IT has changed the business environment and language as well.

Re: IT Pro Day

Brian, good point about IT changing many words have different meanings now: mouse, cookie, surfing, etc.

Re: IT Pro Day

The evolution of IT language has made business efficient as well for instance, "data is needed to solve a certain problem" vs. "real-time data is needed to solve a certain problem", the latter communicates a lot more about the nature of the problem and the tools that will be required to solve it.  However, this rapid evolution has also created the need to constantly upgrade the meanings that are attached to words.

Re: IT Pro Day

The worst part is, most IT professionals work hard and for long hours to provide interrupted and different services, but they hardly get any recognition for same, and not only this, they are one with most scary part in job called atomization including virtualization and cloud. Someone in company has to move forward and say Thank you with counselling that new upcoming technologies won't take away their jobs.

Lol !!! We already have restructuring to this task..

Re: IT Pro Day

Great point adiitshar1  !    Working tirelessly to make the company more efficient - one literally works themselves out of a job.   I have yet to see any business be so thankful that they won't lay you off.   How ironic is that ?

I have convinced myself that these skills can be transferred to Cloud and Virtualization based companies but have you seen the requirements these companies are looking for presently ?  

You are literally starting over from the beginning - and for someone who has invested a lifetime to learn what little I know - this is not a very attractive proposition. 

Sure I understand one has to constantly evolve, but some reasonableness in expectation is not too much to ask.  Or is it ? 

Re: IT Pro Day

I agree you, we need to come up with new learning and skills. But where to start, what's your horizon, what do you expect after upgrading your skill and how can you meet your expectations are few serious concerns for every IT guy today and never the less, we still don't have much companies deploying cloud solutions or virtualization. So moving forward how many jobs will we have in market. Many companies or enterprise still don't feel the need for new upcoming technologies, and this slow progress gives rise to new question when to start with new learning.

Re: IT Pro Day

@aditshar1   You are right,  there seems to be a large disconnect between the real world and company based marketing pushes.  We read a lot about these new technologies but the fact is most companies are not deploying them because of cost.

Why would they employ someone more expensive if they are doing fine with the personnel they have now  ?  And in the meantime, as you mention we tech people are caught in the middle, not really knowing what to learn next.  

I don't think it is unreasonable to expect to learn skills that will benefit your bottom line.  

Re: IT Pro Day

I am not sure about benefits but yes when and if cost is attached to any certification, education or training then decision becomes little tough.

IT Pro Day: Almost Missed it......

I am really glad I caught this piece in time - I had to check the calendar to see what day it actually was and low and behold - It was  IT Pro Day !   

 I think I am going to take a break and just let this sink in.   Thanks for the link Marcia, I really enjoyed the video and  HAPPY IT PRO DAY EVERYONE !    


Take a break even if it is only a small one.

Re: IT Pro Day: Almost Missed it......

Good timing ClassC! Enjoy your break!

Re: 5 Ways Life Would Stink Without IT Pros

We had an essential piece of equipment break down at work the other day - it slowed things to a crawl. One of my coworkers remarked that 'this is like the dish washer breaking down at a restaraunt!' He was right, but it was interesting to me that he said 'dishwasher' and not 'oven'. In other words, not the thing that cooks the food but the thing that handles it on the backend. I think e-mail and similar services are like that at many companies. It's not directly tied to what the company makes or sells, but it's still 100% essential to doing business. Without IT staff there to fix it right away, things would be quite a mess.