• 10/14/2015
    8:00 AM
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5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Network Switch

With increasing wireless requirements and other pressures in todays IT environment, you might not want to wait until the next refresh cycle for that campus network switch replacement.


switch upgrades

Hi Dan, Thanks for sharing the ESG survey findings. Was there anything in the survey results that surprised you, i.e., factors that aren't drivers for switch upgrades?

Re: switch upgrades

Unexpected bandwidth use from demanding uses such as video was interesting. Although surveillance has been gradually moving to the IT responsibility, it's easy for networking staff to not pay too much attention to it. Cameras are streaming data a lot (up link).  It's as though you have lots of people watching Netflix or Youtube all the time.  The traffic does stop at your own video storage systems (which can be distributed and/or centralized) so it does not go to the internet, but there are cloud based surveillance companies too.  Some people complain about end-users watching videos as taking up bandwidth (not to mention the time!), but your own company is busy creating videos too.

I would like to know details about what modern capabilities drive the upgrade too.  It may be security, it may be unified management, and a slew of other things, so it's worth investigating in the future.


Re: switch upgrades

That is interesting. Did your survey ask anything about concerns enterprises have about future pressures on the network, such as the Internet of Things?

Re: switch upgrades

IoT is looming too.  We can perhaps have another article about what IoT may affect neworking. There's an intersection between mobility (ever more so with LTE) and IoT that's not too obvious to many IT people too and can help our readers too.

Re: switch upgrades

I am still surprised how can we monitor traffic that is bridged using a switch because only the sending and receiving ports can see the traffic, and we can hardly find these options in consumer grade switches.

Re: switch upgrades

I suppose that's why the consumer grade switches cost less.  I"m curious -- what do you do with the data (do you use external tools for analysis?)

Re: switch upgrades

I am not sure if they have any other option other than using some external tool.