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12th Annual Well-Connected Awards: Network Infrastructure: Page 6 of 9

Remote Office Solution
Winner: Riverbed Technology Steelhead appliance with RiOS 2.0
A pair of WAN accelerators will compress and deliver traffic between a branch office and a centralized data center. But to do the job best, look at a pair of Steelheads. Riverbed's Steelhead 2.0, like other WAN accelerators, optimizes and accelerates all TCP traffic, such as HTTP and FTP, using compression. It also speeds applications using CIFS, MAPI and SQL across the WAN. But it's more than a compression service. Riverbed's Scalar Data Referencing allows Steelheads to keep track of the data traversing the WAN. When data is re-requested, instead of resending it across the WAN, the Steelhead local to the user serves up the data.

Virtual Lab
Winner: Gambit Communications MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA 1.5
MIMIC Virtual Lab will keep your administrators well-connected to Cisco IOS. Virtual Lab simulates a Cisco IOS environment by using a closed combination of seven devices, including Cisco Catalyst 2900, 3500 XL, 6500 Series switches and 7200 Series routers.

Administrators work and play with the IOS to set BGP and RIP routes, configure NAT, set ACL configurations and more, all off-line and out of harm's way. Up to 20 different step-by-step tutorials walk you through standard configurations such as failover and redundancy operations. MIMIC Virtual Lab comes with an SNMP simulator, so configuration changes can be viewed in SNMP MIB values.