• 09/02/2015
    8:00 AM
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11 Powerful Cloud Management Tools

The right cloud management tool can bring speed, flexibility, security, and cost efficiency to any IT organization. We highlight some of the most popular and powerful options.


Cloud Testing and evaluation

"Many people ask about "the best cloud management tool," but it's important for users to decide what cloud management features and functionalities they need for their business, and then find the best tool that fits."

Hi, Nice and interesting topic. I would like to know; whether any of these tools coming under free & open source licensing agreement. I would like to evaluate our private cloud in terms of performance. I tried with Google's PerfKit, but not that much effective.

Re: Cloud Testing and evaluation

Hi Mynet, free cloud management tools sounds like a good idea for another slideshow!

Re: Cloud Testing and evaluation

"free cloud management tools sounds like a good idea for another slideshow!"

Marcia, expecting that article at the earliest. It might be useful for most of us to evaluate the cloud

Cloud Management Solutions

Hi guys...

We've tried many cloud management solutions over the years. Now we use Unigma cloud management and we are very satisfied especially because we can handle multiple public clouds at once, get daily suggestions to improve our cloud costs, automate billing for our clients and my personal favorite: office 365 billing for resellers.

What do you think? What would be your options in terms of cloud management?

Re : Multicloud Management Platform

ActOnCloud tool allows customers/resellers to manage their cost spending like Reserved Instaces, Resource Leakages and etc with ActOnCloud Spend explorer. It shows health score of their cloud, with which they can cut the unneccessary cost

Other Cloud Management Tools

I've been looking at alternative (specifically Open Source Cloud Management Platforms) and have found some great ones.

Other than OpenStack (which is very popular and most of you would know it) there is Open Nebula Systems and better yet another platform that works with Hosting Providers which is VirtEngine (it's a new platform that allows anyone to launch their own DigitalOcean like style Cloud Platform.)

Which is great, most of the tools offered here are really enterprise focused but not much focus on SMB tools that may not be able to afford the expensive licensing that comes with these.