• 05/29/2013
    11:51 AM
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10 Twitter Power Tips

Want to take your Twitter presence to the next level? These features and techniques will get you there.


re: 10 Twitter Power Tips

Nice tips, except for the last sentence in Connect Your Accounts: "Then you can write once, post on multiple platforms."

That is something you really DON'T want to do. Each platform is different in terms of format and expectation. And you probably even have different audiences on each platform.

While there are some benefits to connecting your accounts, and there's nothing wrong with the occasional cross-posting, in general one should avoid posting the same exact material to different networks. If you're going to do it, do it on a case-by-case basis; definitely do not set things on auto-pilot!

re: 10 Twitter Power Tips

Thanks for the comment, Mark. You're right, and your advice is something I have passed along myself in past articles--I should have added that context here, as well. This should definitely be done selectively. With that said, there are plenty of times that I have posted the same exact thing once on Facebook and then on Twitter (such as when I share my articles).

Deb Donston-Miller
Contributing Editor, InformationWeek

re: 10 Twitter Power Tips

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