• 08/12/2014
    9:06 AM
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10 Networking Blogs You Must Follow

So many network technology blogs, so little time. Get started with this list of blogs by networking experts and top Interop speakers.


Impressive list

Marcia, thank you for the list. I was only familiar with a couple of the blogs you mentioned.

I forgot about, which I read a few times. I like the way Ed Horley follows all the IPv6 implementation and the hardware related to it.

I'm going to visit the other blogs and look around, I'm sure it will be worth the time.

Re: Impressive list

Glad you liked the list Pablo! Let us know what you think as you visit the blogs, or if you have other blogs you like.

Re: Impressive list
We have endless blogs available on internet, but getting shortlisted blog like above can help a lot. Thank You Marcia.
Re: Impressive list

I know what you mean about all the blogs Aditya! There are so many, and a lot of good ones. Hopefully the list helps!  

Re: Impressive list

Marcia, thank you for the important list, I never realized that a specialized site is in existence for IPv6. Considering, that almost everything seems to require an IP address nowadays to become efficient, IPv6 is the only option that can provide the necessary number of addresses. 

I am wondering, whether Interop is going to stream live videos of the seasons?

Re: Impressive list

Good question Brian I don't think Interop has live streamed sessions in the past, but I'll try to can find out if there are any live video plans for the upcoming Interop New York.

Re: Impressive list

Hi Brian -- So Interop New York won't have live streaming, but will have archive video of the keynotes available after the conference.

Re: Impressive list

@Marcia, thank you. That is excellent news as it would create the opportunity to revert back to the archive videos from time to time. All the topics here are very important with long lasting staying power -- making archives a great resource.

Re: Impressive list

I agree Brian, the archive videos are a great resource. Videos from Interop Las Vegas last spring include keynotes on SDN & BYOD -- very evergreen topics.

Re: Impressive list

Marcia, thank you for the link, it is definitely a link worth bookmarking.

I agree that SDN is an evergreen topic that fits a broad range of technologies. I also feel that SDN is a high impact topic, for example, some of the 6,000 job cuts that Cisco recently announced might be due to SDN. There could be a positive effect on the labor force due to these job cuts as restructuring of an economy's labor force can create efficiency, if hardware switching skills are implemented in a more specialized environment resulting in higher salaries. 

Some others to consider as well

Some great blogs missing here, and it looks like some of the vendor blogs (both branded and unbranded) didn't make the list. It's hard to consider any list complete without a few:

- VMWare's unbranded blog Network Heresy, with posts penned by Martin Casado, Bruce Davie, and others should make most top 10 lists:

- Matt Oswalt does a nice job dealing with advanced topics, especially around SDN at the Keeping It Classless:

- Tom Nolle is one of the more prolific authors, especially around the NFV space:

- And the Plexxi blog (that I do a lot of writing for, full disclosure) covers an awful lot of ground (technical topics on Mon/Wed/Thu, non-technical on Tue/Fri):


Mike Bushong (@mbushong)


Re: Some others to consider as well

Thanks for providing those additions Mike. We could probably do many more of these lists!

Interesting list and Others blogs

hello to all,

@ Marcia : Thanks for the list, i've visited -- very educative!

Here are also  some others, where we can learn more, discover new networking  features and get hands-on pratice, ...


Re: Interesting list and Others blogs

Thanks for sharing those blogs Jerome! They all look like really practical, helpful blogs for networking pros. 

Re: Interesting list and Others blogs

@ Marcia, this is a very important topic that can be extended and help again.

Thanks again for this topic!

Could you try to give us some  blogs (maybe 10 like this or less) which deal with specific topics such as virtualization in network, SDN, IPv6, network security, UC, DC ...


Re: Interesting list and Others blogs

Sure thing Jerome, and yes, we're hoping to put together more blog lists. There are so many good blogs out there, and your idea of specific topics is great. Thanks!

"Layer 8 issues" and Legal consequences

Dear bloggers:


 I would be grateful for your opinion on a case in which  Penal Law and Computer Sciences  intersect.


I am a Law student and as part of our practice,  a rather interesting case which involves Computer Technology has been elaborated by our teacher, in which be play the role of "Prosecutors" (We think that the case is based on a real case).  The case,   which we explain in more detail hereinafter,  is that a bank, in response to an Judiciary Order of Embargo,  issued a certification to the Court stating that the company whose funds were to be embargoed did not have any account with them,  but the plaintiff smartly made deposits in the existing accounts,  and based in such hard evidence and the existence of a close relationship "bank-client" (clientelism),  accused the bank of three crimes for which it was charged. 


The only argument that my fellow students playing "defense attorneys" have been able to make,  is that the Bank official made a mistake when typing the name of the company, therefore could not find it in the database of the company.  They even claimed that such type of human errors are taken into account in Technology, which calls them "Layer 8 issue"


Our position as Prosecutors is the following:

1.  The false certification was issued by the bank due to the relationship of clientelism with its customer and a labor law that inhibits a court to issue an inspection order of bank accounts, and

2.  A banking administration software, due to the sensitive nature of the business,  has been developed to reduce to a minimum the human error when typing the name of a customer.   We believe that the "autocomplete" function is one of the features of a software that reduces human error in database querries, therefore in order to prove the reliability of a banking management software, one of the most important pieces of evidence is to have the software itself..  Naturally is has been impossible for us to have access to a bank which could be using COBIS (cobiscorp) or AS400,  which are the most popular software used by Panama banks,  therefore we are in search for a free demo.

Does any one could help us in answering the following questions:

a)   Due to the sensitive nature of banking business How reliable is a banking management software when making database querry?

b)   Is there a method of estimating the level of confidence of a software when making a database querry,  which takes into account human error? 


c)   Do the software industry has a system that assigns the level of confidence to any given database management system ? 


d)   Which feature of the software helps reduce human error when for instance, a bank official is typing any given person name in order to confirm if he is a bank´s customer?. After my "due diligence" in Computer Sciences,  I believe that the "autocomplete" function is the feature that reduces human error (Layer 8 issues).  Do I am right?


This a more detailed description of the case:


 a) An investor  bought a company , paying  to  its creditor, a bank, a loan of several million dollars given years back, which had become a high credit risk;  thus this investor became a very  known customer to the bank;  In other words, the investor saved the bank of a bad loan of a few million dollars.

b)  A Judiciary Order came to the bank ordering the embargo of funds belonging to the investor,  but the bank replied to the Court, certifiying that the customer that they were looking for did not have any account with them; 

c)  The plaintiff played smart,  and in the case file found the number of the investor´s accounts and made a deposited on them; 

d)  With such irrefutable evidences the plaintiff proceed to accuse the bank of three crimes.

f)  An important part of our case rests on circumstancial evidence:  The procedural and civil conduct of the bank  (concealment: avoiding to attend  citations after it was charged with the crimes, not complying to report to the Regulatory Agency of the operational risks events which translate into legal risks, etc.)

c)  The bank official who prepared the certification to the court,  had received all possible training from the bank and had long experience in his position.

10 Points on Windows 10: Features

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